Labouring to Protect the Unborn

The former Ealing Labour Party Borough Councillor, Ed Rennie, who is also Chairman of the Labour Life Group, defends pro-life vigils against Nazi-like attempts by Ealing Council and others to deny freedom of association to peaceful and prayerful pro-life groups.


Keep Ireland Abortion-Free

With a referendum due later this year aimed at over-turning the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution – which recognises in law the right to life of unborn children, thereby outlawing abortion – it’s crunch-time in the fight to keep Ireland abortion-free.

Do whatever you can to help the Irish pro-life movement. Contact:

Youth DefenceFacebookwebsite

Life InstituteFacebookwebsite

Abortion-free Poland on the way?

Abortion was up for debate in the Polish parliament last week resulting in draft legislation to liberalise the current laws being thrown out.

At the moment there are about 1000 ‘legal’ unborn baby murders every year in Poland. Approximately 96% of these abortions are granted on grounds of suspected disability of the unborn baby.

At the same time draft legislation to tighten the current ‘law’, by banning abortion on grounds of disability, was passed and can now go on to the next stage of the legislative process.