Looking Forward to 2016

2016 promises to be an exciting year for The Saint George Educational Trust!Anvil

Amongst the targets we have set out to try and achieve this coming year:

  • To establish and put at the disposal of students, activists, researchers, academics and historians a physical archive of materials relating to Catholic Social Teaching. We already have the beginnings of an archive being held in storage and plan this year to begin setting up a dedicated property to hold a considerably extended archive.
  • To establish the beginnings of at least one, if not two, dedicated conference and retreat centres.
  • To continue our work with a variety of Catholic apostolates, and to provide logistical and financial support wherever possible for their projects.
  • To expand our publishing activities and bring back into print useful and necessary booklets relating to catechism, apologetics, social questions and the general formation of Catholics worth their salt.

We are only limited in what can be achieved by the inaction of Catholics, so let SGET involved, let SGET active, let SGET busy, let SGET going!

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