Pro-Life Training

Integrity & Action BPAS Bedford Square August 2010

Abortion is the leading cause of death in the world, ending more lives than cardiovascular disease, cancer, AIDS, war, hunger … or any other cause (Based on data from the World Heath Organization).

The abortion crisis has reached epidemic levels across the world, destroying the lives of children and leaving women and men scarred with lives of regrets… every single day. WE cannot simply wait for politicians to solve this crisis. It’s up to us to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” – right in our own communities.

To help combat this crisis effectively, you’re invited to a one day workshop, sponsored by 40 Days for Life. The intensive event has been designed to help pro-life advocates develop skills, launch and expand effective life-saving projects, involve more people than ever before and save the maximum number of lives from abortion.

During the hands-on workshop, you will be taught by leading pro-life experts. Each presenter will be speaking from their extensive live saving experience, and will reveal practical strategies you can immediately put into action to save more lives.

During the training, you will learn…

Why, after decades of legalised abortion, the pro-life movement is on the brink of massive breakthrough.

Practical strategies to help women in unexpected pregnancies choose life… and provide healing for women (and men) who have been harmed by abortion.

The vital importance of youth to the pro-life cause, and how to light a fire of enthusiasm for productive pro-life action at school, university and college campuses

How God uses ordinary people to change hearts and minds, save lives and transform communities.

There is no cost to attend the training, but online registration on this page is mandatory prior to the event, and lunch is provided on the day. Please contact the organisers to find out more details of events following the conference.

For more information visit:

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