Captain of the Star Ship Pius Met with The Borgoglio

Some humour never goes amiss in trying times. They say if you don’t laugh you’ll cry!

Rorate Caeli reports that:

“Greg Burke, Vatican Press Office vice-director, announced on Monday that a meeting took place in the Casa Santa Marta on Saturday, April 2, between Pope Francis and the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX / FSSPX).
We have learned that it was a very positive meeting”.

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    • Our problem with that is we’re Klingons!!!

      We want to Kling on to Catholic dogma, doctrine and Sacraments of the Church as clearly expressed and practiced before the Second Vatican Council.

      The way we see it is this:

      SSPX has acted as a counter-balance, or counter-power, outside the post-Conciliar structures for the past 40-odd years. The result has been the birth, growth and development of Catholic resistance against Modernism and Liberalism within the official structures. When the SSPX counter-power goes, when it’s assimilated, absorbed, neutered, sterilised, made impotent, and the counter-balance disappears, then the hammer will come down on all the groups like FSSP, IBP FFI, FSI, ICK, etc, with deadly effect. God works through human agencies to bring about the Divine Plan. He doesn’t work miracles because the Church Militant surrenders – rather, that’s the time for Chastisement!


  1. Have no fear! SSPX are never ever going to compromise their Society and Flock to Conciliar Church and the Pope Francis madness. Pope Francis is actually a safeguard as he could not be further from ‘real Church’.


    • I hope you’re right but never ever is a long time! Last year the South American District of SSPX became a legal entity belonging to the Diocese of Buenos Aries, so when will the other Districts follow and place themselves under the Modernists and Liberals?


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