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  1. You have a great website. However, I’m not sure why there is this emphasis on the “conversion of Russia”? Russia is a force for peace in the world – defending Christian marriage, protecting her people against NATO aggression & expansion in the Ukraine and supporting Syria’s heroic struggle against Zionist-backed terror. Catholics have been deceived into thinking our enemy is Christian Russia as opposed to Counterfeit “Israel” and our Zionist Occupied Governments. By all means, attend Mass on the First Saturdays and make reparation for sinners. However, we should be offering our Mass for the conversion of the West and a free Palestine. I fear we are being led astray by the anti-Russian propaganda of many of the Fatima devotees.


    • For our part there is no anti-Russian propaganda, God forbid – we have many friends and contacts in Russia.

      There is emphasis on the consecration and hence the resulting conversion of Russia simply because that is what Heaven, through Our Lady, demanded at Fatima.

      The consecration has not been made in the way Heaven demanded but, nevertheless, the fruits of faulty consecrations in the past and small numbers of faithful practicing the Fatima message are plain to see. Holy Mother Russia is rising, but it is only a glimpse of things to come.

      When the consecration is carried out properly as Heaven wants it to be, then Russia will fully become Heaven’s means of restoring Christendom.


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