Britain’s Moral Banks

Catholic Member of Parliament Rob Flello seems to know that there is only one type of honest bank in Britain and, in the video below, pulls the current Prime Minister for bailing out a Bunch of usurious Bankers whilst neglecting the causes of growth of Britain’s only moral bank – the Food Bank.

“Britain’s biggest food bank network has warned that reliance on charity food is in danger of becoming ‘the new normal’ for low-income families in financial crisis.

The Trussell Trust, which oversees 424 food banks in the UK, said it gave out enough emergency food to feed more than 1.1 million people in 2015-16, a slight increase on the previous year”.

“It estimates that the Trussell network accounts for half the total number of food bank-style projects in Britain.

The trust’s chief executive, David McAuley, said: “One million three-day food supplies given out by our food banks every year is one million too many. This must not become the new normal”.

“The Trussell Trust said more than 40,000 volunteers had helped at its food banks last year, and the public donated 10,570 tonnes of food. Its clients were referred by more than 30,000 frontline professionals including social workers, welfare advisers and GPs”.

Read more at The Guardian.

Foodbank school collection Cheshire

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