Sending Daughters to the Meat Market

Sexual harrassment schools

Recently released data shows what every parent left with any moral sense in this insane post-Christian country knows: if you send your daughter to a secular school you’re sending her for slaughter in the Meat Market.

A Parliamentary Inquiry is now underway after data published in September 2015 showed that 5,500 sexual offences were recorded in UK schools over a three year period, including 600 rapes. A 2010 YouGov poll of 16-18 year olds found 29% of girls experienced unwanted sexual touching at school and a further 71% said they heard sexual name-calling towards girls at school daily or a few times per week.

“I’m worried about the effect that society is having on my daughter and the lack of control the education system seems to have on the situation. As a mother you just want to protect them, I’d rather home school her so she doesn’t have to be part of that.”

Read more at Sputnik

Homeschool meme

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