Life from Conception No Exception!

March for Life Brum 2016 No Exception

“Sat 14th May saw thousands of pro-lifers taking to the streets of Birmingham in an effort to create awareness of the hurt and damage that abortion causes.

This year’s March for Life UK was a huge success according to attendees as pro-life groups from across the UK united in solidarity.”  Read more at March for Life

March for Life Brum 14th May 2016

“The star of the day was Sophie who had many of the crowd in tears. She recounted how last year she had an abortion booked having been put under great pressure to feel that was her only option. As she had walked through the city she encountered last year’s March for Life and was struck by their joy which contrasted with the aggression of the pro-abortion activists. This helped her decide which side she wanted to be on. At this point in her story Sophie told the crowd ‘when I got home I cancelled my abortion. How many of you were here last year? I want to say thank you. You helped save the life of my son Riley’ and she held up her little baby boy.”

March for Life Birmingham 14th May 2016

“Abortion stats for 2015 show that abortion rates are up by 0.7% which means we must work even harder to make our voices heard. Our public witness through March for Life next year must be even bigger so spread the word, tell all your family, friends and parishes and encourage them to get involved. Don’t forget that 98% of abortions were funded by the NHS which means that it is your taxes that are paying for them. See the full report below.”…/at…/file/523623/Abortion_Stats_2015.pdf

March for Life logo

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