Christian Nationalism: What is it?


With all the talk of Nationalism, and talk of rising Nationalist sentiment in the Mass Media, particularly throughout social media, fundamental questions arise for Catholics, and especially for Catholics in the UK who continue to suffer the effects of an illegitimate and heretical Nationalism expressed during the Reformation:

‘What is Nationalism?’ and ‘Can Nationalism retain the Universal character of Christianity or is that a contradiction in terms?’.

To help answer these questions and others The Saint George Educational Trust intends to bring back into print in coming months an excellent essay by Saunders Lewis, entitled ‘The Principles of Nationalism’.

Saunders Lewis should be a household name for every Catholic in the British Isles, yet his name and advocacy of Catholic social doctrine are ignored and unknown to nearly all. He was the founder and first President of Plaid Cymru, and a staunch supporter and member of The Latin Mass Society in his later years.

Welsh Nationalism


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