People Before Hollywood!

Not Dead Yet

There’s a good chance you’ve seen advertisements for a new movie that will be released next week. Imploring moviegoers to “live boldly,” “Me Before You” is a drama that is being billed as the next great romance.

In reality, it’s nothing more than a snuff film furthering the message that people are better dead than disabled. Based on a novel by British novelist Jojo Moyes, the plotline is being slammed by disability advocates who are calling for people to boycott the film…….

…….. The disability community has refused to be silent, though. People have begun pushing back against the idea that it’s better for a man in a wheelchair to die than to live as a burden on those around him — and not only that, but that through his death, the life of his lover is improved.

One video asked if we would accept the same premise, but based on sex or race instead of disability, where a black man or a woman killed themselves because they felt their life had no meaning, and this decision was lauded.

The reviewer rightly noted that we would not tolerate a film or novel with this plot line; but somehow, it’s acceptable because the subject matter is people with disabilities, whose lives are seen as pitiable, meaningless, and without dignity. It’s even more angering considering the film is continually using the hashtag #LiveBoldly to promote it, when the disabled character chooses not to live at all.

Read the entire article at Live Action News

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