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  1. I think you are missing Glasman’s wider agenda here. Glasman is the architect of the “Blue Labour” pressure group. This group, beneath a veneer of radicalism, supports imperialist war, attacks the welfare state and seeks to blame immigration for our social ills rather than neo-liberalism.

    Glasman’s claim that Theresa May’s vacuous rhetoric about workers on boards of companies is “significant” and stirs a “renewed faith in miracles” is laughable.

    Glasman fails to mention that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are advocating co-operatives and workplace democracy and have come under sustained assault from the political elites. McDonnell’s “new economics” conferences have been drawing huge crowds. His speech to the Co-operative Party “Ways Forward” conference should be read by all Catholics and can be accessed in full here:

    If Glasman is genuinely interested in Catholic social teaching, why is there no mention of John McDonnell’s advocacy of Credit Unions –

    Glasman, a Labour Party member, deliberately conceals the genuine economic alternative offered by the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, a leadership which he has consistently sought to oppose and undermine.


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