“We kneel to no-one but God!”

“We kneel to no-one but God!”

Great closing speech from Niamh Ui Bhriain to more than 70,000 people at the All-Ireland Rally for Life.

“You are the real Citizens’ Assembly, and you will not be silenced. And all of us, and the majority of people in this country reject the cruel and merciless and unjust recommendations of Leo Varadkar’s hand-picked outfit who want abortion without restrictions.

It’s easy to be pro-choice, when you are not the one being chosen.

To every child, every pre-born child, tiny, and vulnerable and helpless, whose life is under threat, we say you are not alone, and to every woman, who feels afraid and unsure, we say to you that you are not alone.

To every person in Irish society, to the silent majority who are now awake, who knows that we must not kill our children and hurt our women, know that abortion is not the answer but is cowed by the shrill and shrieking media-driven abortion campaign, know now that after today you are not alone, that you are one with the pro-life majority which has awoken and arisen and is ready for the defining battle of our time, the fight between light and darkness, between hope and despair, between those who see killing as the answer and those that who cherish life, and this is a battle that WE WILL WIN!

The great Irish rebel Pádraig Pearse wrote about “the dream that was built in the heart and that only the heart could hold.” Pearse who challenged an empire and proclaimed our freedom, Pearse who said that false laws were not “stronger than life and than man’s desire to be free”, Pearse would be here with you today, on this historical march to Save the Eighth, just as would James Connolly, and Seán Mac Diarmada.

We know that a nation that kills its own people, is a nation that cannot endure.

Last year, as we celebrated the one hundredth anniversary of 1916, we were reminded that as a nation, however great the odds, however powerful and wealthy are our opponents, we know that we the people can move mountains, can change the course of history, can shape the destiny of this or another country, and that we the people can make this country, this country for which so many brave souls suffered and endured, a nation that cherishes all of its children equally!

Now we have Leo Varadkar, to his shame, making an abortion referendum a priority for his lame-duck government. You seem to have been given a pass by the abortion-fixated Irish media, for your abject failure to mend our broken health service, and everything else, as long as you promise to repeal the eighth, but Leo Varadkar needs to know this, in the words of the great Irish chieftain Séan Ó Néill, “we kneel to no one but God!”

But the time will come, and it is coming, and it surely will, when the world we live in looks back in horror at what they legalised, just as we look back now at the horror of slavery and segregation, and in that time, we will be proud, so very very proud, that Ireland stood as a beacon of hope and light to the world in defence of human life.

That we stood against the stooges in the United Nations, because you cannot be a human rights advocate and support the killing of innocent preborn babies, it’s one or the other! That we stood against the billionaires like George Soros and Chuck Feeney, and against the powerful and wealthy abortion industry, that we stood and we stand today against the extraordinary and unprofessional media bias that is attempting to bully the Irish people, but they will not succeed in silencing us.

And that we have stood even against the British government, who to their shame, want to pay Irish women to abort their babies, not since the days of Oliver Cromwell have we seen such an act of naked aggression against our people. Shame on you, Theresa May!

And all these people should have known, that we are not a people to be bullied, that we are not a people to bend the knee, that we are a people that will always stand strong, for we are standing for life and against injustice and cruelty, and the killing of innocent children, and we will look back, and see that we stood against these tyrants and that we won an historical victory of mothers and babies, and you are here today because you are on the right side of history, and your historic efforts will make this nation proud!

You are here from the rebel homes of Kerry, to the hills of Donegal, from streets of Belfast, and the fields of Athenry, who have come here from the West that is well and truly awake, and from the real capital of Cork, (how do you think of that)! And from the mighty city of Dublin, Dublin the city of heroes which arose in 1916 and which is rising again now, for life, for mothers, for babies, to save the eighth amendment, to tell this government that we will not legalise abortion, not now not ever, not in our country, and not in our name!”


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