Missionary Sisters Outraged by Western Lies

Sister Yola Girges, born in Damascus in a family originally from Ghassanieh (province of Idlib), a Christian village in the north where the Franciscan Father Francois Mourad was killed in 2013 and where the terrorists of Al Nusra are still based, is one of the missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of Mary working in the house of the Custody of the Holy Land at the Memorial of the Conversions of St. Paul, in the Syrian capital. We are in the neighborhoods of Tabbaleh, Bab Touma and Dawaleh, where Christians are concentrated. And like many other Christians and religious in Syria, Sister Yola is also outraged by the way the war is told in Europe.

“Today, in the Jaramana district, the funerals are being held for twelve civilians killed by the missiles fired by the rebels of Ghouta. Two weeks ago a mortar shell exploded in the garden of our house. A few days ago another rocket hit a building on the other side of the street and all our windows exploded. For weeks now, when we leave the house we do not know if we will return. In this period, moreover, the terrorists began to strike just when the lessons ended in schools, to create even more panic. Just in our nursery school, last year we lost four children, killed by a mortar together with their father and in 2012 a girl, killed by a missile on the street together with her mother, who was our catechist. Not to mention the injured or traumatized children Yet nobody talks about it, nobody says anything. Who takes any concern for our dead?”

Now all the attention is focused on Ghouta, and the humanitarian organizations talk about the many civilian deaths…

“We need to tell the whole truth. Ghouta is an area of 1800 square kilometers. It has been occupied by terrorists since the beginning of the war. In these seven years, the rockets they launched have caused more than a thousand civilian deaths in Damascus alone. How long could you endure all this? Furthermore, everyone knows that the militants of Isis and Al Nusra concentrated in Ghouta have brought families with them, which they now use as human shields, either to stop the army attacks or to arouse the world’s compassionate reaction. Nobody wants civilians to die, anywhere. But the tactics are clear. “


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