Converting the Unconvertible

This year should see the launch of an exciting project aimed at bringing Sacred Chant to hundreds of thousands of lost souls who may still be open to traditional European cultural and spiritual influence.

In this materialist, narcissistic, self-centred world that we live in it’s become almost impossible to bring souls to Christ by appealing directly to man’s religious sentiment. The appeal of religion that existed in times past has become lost and buried beneath a sewer of greed, filth and depravity constantly bombarding us though slick advertising and the mind-numbing propaganda that is television and cinema.

But dumbed-down, spiritually-disfigured, 21st-century man is still open to music and imagery and he can still be inspired by such things. It’s for this reason that classical tenor Martin Aelred has embarked upon an inspiring project to reach out to the unreachable by stirring up heart and soul with an electrifying and stunningly visual mix of Gregorian and Byzantine Sacred Chant with a modern edge.

Martin Aelred has sung and performed all over the world and in front of such notables as the Dalai Lama and Prince Charles. He has spent many years and enormous amounts of his time raising funds for worthy charitable causes that feed and clothe homeless and destitute children, the poverty-stricken, and unborn babies threatened by abortion.

Now he is raising funds for a project that aims to achieve what is seemingly unachievable by helping guide modern man back to Christ through inspiring, soul-stirring, music and imagery. The project envisages using state-of-the-art technology to produce from a single artist the audio effects of monastic choirs and acoustics.  The end product will see C.D.’s, DVD’s and a documentary for cable TV stations.

Let’s help Martin reach out to unreachable modern man in an effort to convert the uncovertible. If you are able to send a donation to the Sacred Chant project Martin can be reached at  Alternatively donations, which should be referenced ‘Sacred Chant’, can be sent via the Saint George Educational Trust.

U.K. taxpayers please ask for a Gift Aid form when donating via SGET.

Account Name: The Saint George Educational Trust
Sort Code: 20-45-45
Account Number: 10765287
IBAN: GB15 BUKB 2045 4510 7652 87

Thank you.

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