Vigano: Bergoglio teaches “blatant heresy”, “terrible blasphemy” and is in “apostasy”

“In his Abu Dhabi declaration, Pope Francis said that God wants all religions,” commented Archbishop Vigano.  “Not only is this a blatant heresy, it is also a very serious apostasy and a terrible blasphemy.”

“Saying that God wants to be worshipped as something other than how He revealed Himself means that the Incarnation, Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Saviour are completely meaningless,” said Vigano.

Read more at CNSNews

Did St. Francis warn that Bergoglio’s Barque is the Ark of Damnation?  Read more …….

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  1. Thank you for your watchfulness.

    I appreciate the frequent reminders that though many share your point of view, as I do, others have forgotten, or willfully dismissed the Magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church. Reminders, resistance and catechetical review are neverending.

    We work on. :)))) Dana


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