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  1. Hang on ! We love your memes and don’t mind that some of them are a bit left wing but anti Trump ? Come on he’s defending Christianity like no other president has He’s the only president that has gone to anti abortion events

    Compared to child sniffing corrupt Biden he’s almost a saint !

    Your posts are well loved and shared widely among excellent dissident ‘right wing’ and not so right wing groups

    People on the radical side of non Marxist politics are developing a healthy distaste for mainstream conservatism and I think even for some of the worse elements of capitalism


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    • We’re not interested in silly right-wing / left-wing pigeon-holing. Our motivation is to promote and defend Christianity, especially in its social aspects, and we try to present a Catholic worldview and measure all things by their relationship to the Moral Law. We recognise that both Biden and Trump are deeply immoral in their beliefs and social positions – for example, Trump supports limited abortion, he campaigns for sodomy to be made ‘legal’ all over the world, he favours divorce, adultery, practices usury, has his armed forces illegally occupy other countries and steal their natural resources, pauperises and starves civilians with his economic and financial sanctions, and so on and so on. These are the deeds of an antichrist, not a Christian.


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