Green Pass to be made illegal?

Will the Green Pass COVID passport be outlawed in Italy?

19th October will be an immensely important day for Italy, Europe, and, by consequence, for the whole world.

Italy’s Constitutional Court will begin to examine whether the draconian government instrument, which requires all workers to suffer being injected with the experimental Clot Shot in order to work and receive their wages, is legal or not.

The judicial case was launched against the Italian government by Roberto Fiore, a former member of the European Parliament, and prepared by a group of lawyers headed by Nicola Trisciuoglio, who represent the Catholic professional association Vicit Leo which was formed alongside Msgr. Carlo Maria Viganò’s public Appeal to the Church and the World in May 2020.

If this case is won the Green Pass will fall, not just in Italy but throughout Europe, and the legal ramifications will be felt like an earthquake around the world.

But unfortunately essential legal battles like this, and a host of others being pursued in Italy by representatives of Vicit Leo, do not come cheaply. The British-based Catholic charity The Saint George Educational Trust has supplied £100,000 for this immense worldwide Catholic resistance to the Great Reset. But more money is needed in this war for the future of our children and the freedom of priests to provide the Christian sacraments. You can play your part in this Lepanto of our times at this link and by making your daily rosary intentions those of the Rosary Novena for Freedom and Against Tyranny which has been prayed over the past weeks.

United in prayer and action we will win.

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