News from the Eternal City

The action launched by Neapolitan lawyers representing the Catholic association Vicit Leo is obtaining concrete results.

On the 19th October teachers who have been dismissed from work for refusing to take up the Green Pass will be presenting their case to Italy’s Employment Tribunal. The Tribunal will send the Green Pass to the Constitutional Court, to be examined and its legality judged, and in the meantime it’s expected the Employment Tribunal will rule that teachers can go back to work and receive their salaries.

On the criminal side of things public prosecutors are finalizing the criminal case against the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi. Big news is expected in the coming days.


But it is the spiritual challenge which will, most of all, determine the outcome of this fight.

On 29th September, following the encouragement of Monsignor Viganò, a battling priest, Fr. Floriano Abrahamowicz, began to organise a Rosary Crusade with the following intention: to defeat the Health Dictatorship and establish the social reign of Jesus Christ on earth.

The initiative is already spreading like lightning, and 7th October, the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary (in memory of the victory of Lepanto ) will see the official start of this important rosary crusade.

As we all know, the rosary is the greatest weapon we can use against the enemies of Christ and of mankind.

So please join the Crusade and also give support to our important legal activities and street actions.

The big national demonstration due to take place in Rome on 9th October may be attended by Mel Gibson. Watch this space!

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