Become a Friend of St. George

Catholics who share the vision of The Saint George Educational Trust are invst-georgeited to become Friends of St. George.

Friends of St. George provide an important source of regular income to the Trust. This regular income allows the Trust to engage in the publishing and dissemination of vital apostolic and educational material for the converted, the want-to-be-converted and the need-to-be-converted.

Friends of St. George commit themselves to set up a Standing Order with their bank which will provide the Trust with the equivalent of at least one pound a day to further the work of Catholic education, apostolic endeavour, and the reconstruction of the Catholic City. Payment can be made on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

One quid per day is less than what many of us will happily spend every morning to buy a so-called ‘quality’ newspaper, or on a short-hop single bus fare. It’s less than half the amount many of us will happily spend on a single off-peak London underground journey or to pay for a cup of coffee from Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero, or even from McDonalds. It’s only a third of the amount many of us will spend on buying a pint of beer or just a meagre one-eighth of what will be spent on a pack of cigarettes.

But that one pound a day makes all the difference to the work of The Saint George Educational Trust. In fact the Trust appreciates it so much that it commits itself to provide each Friend of St. George with a free copy of every book and other publication that it produces for as long as one continues to contribute a minimum of one pound per day, or thereabouts, to the Trust.

So don’t delay – let SGET going!