More than a whiff of anti-Catholicism

“……. they made things up about them, and there was more than a whiff of anti-Catholicism in the hatred they heaped on these kids.”

An honest atheist, and (former?) Marxist writes:

“We now know that what was said about the boys wasn’t even true. A longer video has emerged showing what really happened at the Lincoln Memorial. It was the boys who were subjected to bigoted abuse, not Nathan Phillips. One of the Native American activists says to the boys: ‘White people, go back to Europe.’ They hurl the F-word at the boys. For more than an hour the boys, who were waiting for their school bus, were subjected to obscenities by a small group of Black Hebrew Israelites, a black nationalist religious outfit. The boys were called crackers, faggots, paedophiles, the products of incest. They are told, ‘Your president is a homosexual’. The boys do not shout any insults back. Nathan Phillips enters the picture after the boys had suffered an hour of racialised and homophobic abuse and he starts banging his drum in the boys’ faces. Here is the worst thing about the Twittermob’s globalised naming and shaming of these boys: they were humiliating the victims of the strange events at the Lincoln Memorial.”

Hung Parliament on the Horizon?

“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

17,410,742 betrayed British voters agree with GK Chesterton!

“The men whom the people ought to choose to represent them are too busy to take the jobs. But the politician is waiting for it. He’s the pestilence of modern times. What we should try to do is make politics as local as possible. Keep the politicians near enough to kick them. The villagers who met under the village tree could also hang their politicians to the tree. It’s terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hung today.”

Haifa Christians riot in protest against blasphemous ‘art’

“If they put up Hitler with a Torah scroll they would immediately respond,” complained one of the protesters about the Israeli government in Palestine.

Hundreds of Christian and Moslem demonstrators clashed with Israeli police in Haifa on Friday, 11th January, over a museum’s sick display depicting Ronald McDonald, the mascot of the fast-food giant, on a cross.

The ‘McJesus,’ depicts a crucified Ronald McDonald clown. It went on display as part of the Haifa Museum of Art’s so-called “Sacred Goods” exhibition.

The vile exhibition features a number of other blasphemous works depicting Jesus, including one of Him as a “Ken” doll, and the holy Mother of God as a ‘Barbie’ doll.

A petrol bomb was thrown at the museum on Thursday and tear gas and stun grenades were used by Israeli police to protect the exhibition from destruction as hundreds of Palestinians tried to force entrance on Friday.

Smart gadgets, smart Antichrist

In a recent television interview Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill warned that the widespread use of electronic gadgets provides the possibility for “universal control over humanity”. The “devil acts very wisely” in offering people such toys, he said.

“Such control from one place forebodes the coming of the Antichrist,” remarked Patriarch Kirill. “The Antichrist is the person that will be at the head of the world wide web controlling all of humanity. That means that the structure itself poses a danger. There shouldn’t be a single centre if we don’t want to bring on the apocalypse.”

The Orthodox patriarch advised people should be careful not to “become slaves to what’s in your hands”.

“You should remain free inside and not fall under any addiction, not to alcohol, not to drugs, not to electronic gadgets.”

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