Unborn but Alive

Unborn but alive…….. teaching a new generation (turn on subtitles)


Malthusian Wars

Culture, Arts and Trends writes:

I’ve always been shocked at the thought that, morally, like asymmetric Communism, our so-called leaders could start unnecessary wars, kill *millions* of people in the process, and still sleep at night and smile on the golf course for the cameras.

Leroy Fletcher Prouty (January 24, 1917 – June 5, 2001) served as Chief of Special Operations, CIA, for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy.

And he sheds chilling light on how and why this is possible. He says that despite their posing as good Christian church-going men and women, politicians and high officials are, when possible, actually carefully vetted before being allowed to “pass and go” on to seriously higher office. They are vetted to ensure that they subscribe to “a quartet of the greatest propaganda schemes ever put forth by man”. (Catholics were once a different and unwelcome breed; and sometimes populists slipped through the nets).

What follows are “the quartet of philosophical points” he describes.

1. The concept of “real property,” a function of colonialism that began with the circumnavigation of the Earth by Magellan’s ships in 1520 and “a doctrine of discovery and rights of conquest” put forth by John Locke (which enabled those sent to conquer, enslave, confiscate land, etc).

2. The population theory of Thomas Malthus (which says there are too many people on earth for sustainable living. Thus wars and similar ways of eliminating peoples are, to their ideological thinking, doing Mother Earth a genocidal favor. Prouty, btw, does not appear to have been a religious man. He was simply stating facts.)

3. Darwin’s theory of evolution, as enhanced by “the survival of the fittest” (the owners of real property and capital are the fittest).

4. Heisenberg’s theory of indeterminacy. (God—whatever That is— threw the dice, and the elites naturally took over from there.)

Thus, following these nihilist principles, modern wars kill FAR MORE noncombatant innocent civilians than uniformed soldiers. And that’s doing Mother Earth the genocidal favor. And so new wars with ever new enemies and imperialist designs must constantly be concocted, then presented to the American people as a righteous cause.

Prouty says AIDS, too, was developed as a military biological weapon. Thus poor gays and others are cynically encouraged to participate in dangerous promiscuous sex and then experimented on, making huge profits for pharmaceutical and insurance corporations and governments which benefit from biological warfare experiments for the future.

Prouty says the elites fear no enemy as much as the vast hoardes of their own people —which is the main reason all of us are constantly surveiled and that new weapons are in constant development to use against them.

He says politics as presented in the controlled media is really a dog and pony show to distract populations and disguise these real agendas of the Secret Governments of the Deep State.

—L. Fletcher Prouty, JFK, the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, Citadel Press, N.Y., 1996


Don’t let Ireland become like Britain

The Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution (1983) reads:

“The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”

Precious Life states:

“In May, we face a referendum to remove the right to life of preborn babies from our Constitution. The proposal put forward by the government would make our ‘abortion laws’ more extreme than the UK where 200,000 babies lose their lives every year.

March 10th is the last major pro-life rally where we stand FOR life before the referendum. If we sit back and do nothing, this may be the last year where preborn babies have a right to life in Ireland.”

Neo-Nazism Thriving in U.K.

Another high-profile case generated by the U.K.’s version of the Nazi Aktion T4 euthanasia programme:

King’s College Hospital in London allegedly cause Isaiah Haalstup to suffer brain damage through clinical negligence.

The hospital authorities want to euthanize him.

Isaiah’s mam says “I see a child who is injured. He needs love. He needs care. I have it. I can give it ………… I don’t think it is right to say who should live or who should die. If God wants to take the person, He will.”

The judge says ‘kill him’.

Perhaps the most despicable and monstrous aspect of Neo-Nazi ideology is alive and well, and thriving, in modern Britain.

Modern Britain considers disabled people to be Untermenschen – subhumans.


Don’t let them Kill Alfie Evans!

“Alfie Evans is at Alder Hey Hospital in the PICU. He has been hospitalised continuously since December 2016, dealing with chronic seizures of an undiagnosed disorder. The hospital has given up on him and applied to the High Court to remove parental rights and withdraw ventilation to end Alfie’s life. Yet Alfie and his parents are FIGHTING! Help us save his life and protect parents’ rights to care for their children! Join thousands who signed our petition and donate towards Alfie’s medical care. ”