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Abortions down by two-thirds in Russia

Since President Putin became President of Russia in 2000, the number of abortions has dropped by 63.5% and the number of Russians steadfastly opposed to abortion has tripled from 12% to 35%.

There are still a massive 800,000 induced abortions in Russia every year but developing policies of pro-life education and family support aim at making Russia abortion free within the next generation.

Important Pro-Life Appointment in Russia


Experienced pro-family activist, and pro-life counselor, Anna Kuznetsova, who is a 34 year-old mother of six children, has been appointed as Ombudsman for Children’s Rights for the Russian Federation by President Putin.

The post of Children’s Ombudsman was created in 2009 and provides for the Ombudsman to supply expert advice and to present conclusions and recommendations to legislative bodies on any issues concerning children. The Ombudsman also has the power to review the work and make enquiries of any Federal or Municipal body and can file complaints whenever necessary.