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Widespread church attacks in Poland

Churches and cathedrals all over Poland have needed 24-hour protection over the past couple of days from pro-abortion antifa types angered because Poland’s highest court ruled in favour of protecting Down’s Syndrome babies in the womb. A lot of churches have been vandalised and services interrupted by bolshy demonstrators who blame Catholic morality embedded in Polish culture for preventing eugenic-style abortions.

Just as it was 100 years ago, Bolshevik cannon-fodder still serve the Capitalist Oligarchy.

The Devil’s foot-soldiers

The arrest warrant issued for the Portland antifa terrorist who was eliminated whilst resisting arrest yesterday.

Trawling through scores of social media accounts of antifa/BLM rioters arrested in Portland, and their social media contacts, reveals they have one very disturbing thing in common. The obvious thing that binds them together and motivates them turns out to have little to nothing to do with political ideology. But there is a commonly shared interest in Satanism and witchcraft.
It is these same types of people burning down churches and destroying Christian statues and other Christian iconography.

Why are churches being attacked in Chile?

Churches are being attacked, set on fire, and looted. What is going on in Chile?

Gearóid Ó Colmáin explains that “the Chilean chaos is about a dubious Christian humanist facing off even more dubious ‘socialists’ ” and that “Chile’s protesters are tools of Neo-Liberalism.

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