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Civil Rights March against Sinn Fein Hypocrites

Pro-life families from County Tyrone, in Ireland, made their voices and their presence felt at the Civil Rights commemoration march held on Saturday 18th August.

Fifty-years ago the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association marched from Coalisland to Dungannon to highlight and protest against anti-Catholic discrimination in the north-east of Ireland, particularly over social housing allocation.

On Saturday hundreds followed the original march route in commemoration, with a large number of civil rights marchers taking the opportunity to protest against Sinn Fein and its abortion policy. A Sinn Fein representative recently made it known that the party hopes that the British government will do its murderous work for them by introducing abortion into the north-east of Ireland.

Outraged civil rights protesters spent the afternoon drowning out rally speeches from Sinn Fein representatives with chants of ‘The North says No’, and ‘Sinn Fein hypocrites, now they’re working for the Brits’!

Rosary Crusade to save the Crocknaboy Mass Rock

The Last Rosary at Curraghinalt

“For this last month the community of Greencastle have being holding an evening Rosary and vigil near the old Mass Rock of Crocknaboy Hill.

Early in the month the community awoke to find a statue of Our Lady of Ireland sited on the Mass Rock. It was gifted they say by people from Belfast who carried it across the rugged hills to the old rock.

The community of Greencastle are locked in a bitter dispute with gold prospectors from Toronto and government officials who want to open a mine and cynanide plant over the old Mass Rock.

Last night was the last night of the rosary. A lone piper played the large crowd to the Mullydoo Road.

The area is steeped in custom and history and few doubt that the will of the community will win out in the battle to save their community from destruction”.

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