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What is Truth?

“Pilate saith to him: What is truth? “

“Quid est veritas?”

God answered the question, in the question itself, with an anagram.

“Est vir qui adest”

“He is the Man before you”



Marching for the Kingship of Christ

Pictures from Warsaw where a founding trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust spoke from the rally platform to an estimated 100,000 Polish patriots marching for Poland’s independence under the Kingship of Christ.

Faith Without Works is ……….. ?

Faith Without Works

” ‘Faith,’ says St. James, ‘unless it has works, is dead in itself’. (James 2: 17-26) The same applies to charity. (James 2: 13-17)

Faith and charity must be accompanied by action, which should always be inspired by the interior life”.

–   From ‘Work and Worry’, Cardinal Bacci

Antonio Cardinal Bacci: Meditations For Each Day on Facebook