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Next Halloween

Heathen kids who know nothing about Christianity like to dress to shock on Halloween.

Catholic kids need to show them that All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween) is meant to celebrate the Christian saints in Heaven, and that you can’t get more gruesome (or cool) than the Christian martyrs.

Teach the heathen kids that Christianity is the real counter-culture against the modern world.

Resuming Hostilities with the ’68ers

Les Brigandes Ce Geste

‘Resumption of Hostilities – The 68ers’ is the latest offering from a very talented, very entertaining and very enterprising group of French Catholics working under the stage name of Les Brigandes.

Politically incorrect, socially aware and intransigent in their desire to mock the Grand Orient, the 68 generation and their ‘Antifa’ descendants, Hollywood, the New World Order and the “Chief Jesuit Rat”, this is already the eighteenth offering from Les Brigandes.

Combining serious subject matter with satirically kitsch backdrops, costumes, choreography and catchy tunes – something difficult to pull off well – Les Brigandes usually pass muster, occasionally fall flat and every so often come up with a work of genius. This is one of those times! It’s not difficult to see they have great fun doing what they do in their trademark bandit masks and its infectious. Enjoy it!