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International Disability Day

“How a society treats its disabled is the true measure of a civilization.”

– Chen Guangcheng


‘Evil’ Syria…….  where induced abortion is a punishable crime

‘Great’ Britain……. where disability is a punishable ‘crime’.



The End of Abortion in Poland?

On 30th November, 2017, the Legislative Initiative Committee ‘Stop Abortion’ submitted to the Marshal of the Sejm a draft amendment to Poland’s abortion law. The initiative was supported by a record high number of Poles – as many as 830 thousand people signed their names calling for a change in the law! That equates to approximately 1.4 million people in Britain. The Speaker of the Sejm now has to set the date of the first parliamentary reading within 3 months.

The amendment proposed by the Life and Family Foundation contains a slight change in the wording of the Act, but which will enormous consequences in practice. By deleting from the current abortion law the reason of genetic malformation, i.e. a provision permitting the killing of a child because of suspicion of disability or other genetic condition, it will prevent the vast majority of children being killed. Eugenic reasons for abortion account for 95% of all abortions in Poland. When it comes to numbers, the increase is visible from year to year. In 2015, 1,000 out of the 1044 so-called ‘legal’ abortions were due tio perceived birth defects. And in 2016, genetic defect accounted for 1042 out of 1098 so-called ‘legal’ abortions.

It is also a practice of particular cruelty, because abortion due to a genetic defect is performed at an advanced stage of pregnancy (5-6 months). Another monstrous reality in Polish hospitals is live birth abortion, after which children are left to certain death without any medical help, because the aborters are protected by law. In this way, people with disabilities are still murdered in Polish hospitals with impunity and under protection of the so-called law.

Don’t Screen Us Out!


Don’t Screen Us Out write:

Thank you Sally Phillips. What a wonderful documentary (http://bbc.in/2cTj02D). Profound; moving; informative; important.

Now Sally Phillips has put the issue of cfDNA screening and unbalanced information being provided to parents with Down’s syndrome diagnosis on the national agenda, it’s time for action that puts this firmly on the political agenda.

1/ If you haven’t already, visit our website (www.dontscreenusout.org) and take 2 minutes using our ’email your MP’ function to ask your MP to take action on this issue.

2/ Let your friends and family know about the documentary (http://bbc.in/2cTj02D), this issue and encourage them to write to their MPs.

3/ Visit your MP in person and ask them to take action on the issue. Make sure to go in prepared with some key points (check out our campaign briefing here:http://dontscreenusout.org/campaign-briefing/). For details on how to go about visiting your MP, see here: http://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-your-mp/

4/ Come to our event at Parliament next Tuesday evening and ask your MP to come along too. We will have full information on our event here on Facebook tomorrow.

Don’t Screen Us Out!

Disabled child

Rally for Life – Belfast – 2nd July

“This is the 10th All Ireland Rally for life and this year it is in Belfast City Centre. Summer 2016, the most important date on the pro-life calendar is 2nd July. That’s when we hope you join with thousands of others to speak up for the right to life. Meet us at Custom House Square, Belfast @ 2pm on Saturday, 2nd July 2016.

Powerful pro-abortion campaigners in Ireland, the UK, European Union and United Nations are attacking our pro-life laws. That’s why it’s so important we show our opposition to abortion and to stay strong for life. On 2nd July 2016 lets do that!”