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A Christian Response to Europe‚Äôs Crisis

ONR Commemoration Bialystok Cathedral 16th April 2016

ONR Commemoration Bialystok Cathedral 16th April 2016

These are troubling times. Europe is apparently on the verge of meltdown. Unable to withstand the heat caused by the growing friction between the European Union and its member states, especially as the former tries to force an open-door immigration policy on its member nations, there are fears that the melting pot might be melting. Such fears have been exacerbated by the rise of the new right, or what many would call the far right, in Europe.

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Catholic Action in Poland

Father Jacek Miedlar’s speech to 70,000 participants at the March for Independence 2015, calling for the defence of Christianity in Poland in the wake of the ‘refugee’ invasion of Europe.

The entire march and rally, according to different sources, ranged from 70,000 to 150,000 participants.