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Hungary Ghouls

Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, has announced that in a bid to increase the country’s population and combat Hungary’s demographic winter the Hungarian State will offer the free provision of IVF treatment to all Hungarian women.  Just recently Orban’s government nationalised six private fertility clinics and declared the ghoulish-business to be of “national strategic importance”.

In vitro fertilisation treatment involves the laboratory creation of embryonic human life with selected life being implanted into the ‘client’s’ womb whilst rejected humans are ‘disposed’ of, some of them ending up being used for so-called scientific experimental research.

Whilst previous steps Hungary has taken to halt and reverse its demographic decline are to be applauded, this is a ghoulish step too far that must be condemned for the evil that it is. IVF is essentially no different from abortion. Human life is callously murdered and the souls of millions of unbaptised children are ripped from their newly-forming bodies.

A ghoul is a mythical monster that feasts upon human flesh, and especially on children. That is what Hungary has just become.