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Lenten 40 Days for Life Campaign – Glasgow

Fetus 8 weeks

A 40-day pro-life prayer vigil is to take place this Lent outside a Glasgow hospital where abortions happen.

It is the first time the 40 Days for Life Campaign which originated in the US is to stage a vigil of this kind in Scotland.

Every day this Lent from 8am to 8pm, pro-life activists will gather outside the new Queen Elizabeth University hospital in the south of Glasgow to pray.

Long time pro-life activist Rose Docherty, from St Dominic’s parish in Bishopbriggs, is the Glasgow campaign director and said the ‘peaceful, prayerful’ event was about creating a culture of life in Scotland.

“There are more than 30 babies a day being aborted in Scotland,” she said. “This is a counter cultural message that people don’t want to hear, but it’s vital that they do.”

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