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“Why do they treat Christians like this?”


UK visas: YES to radical Islamists, NO to Christian archbishops!

It is hard to imagine a more incongruous headline – just as the world’s attention focuses on the liberation of Mosul, the UK government has refused to grant a visa to the Archbishop of Mosul to attend the consecration of the UK’s first Syriac Orthodox cathedral, a church whose flock includes many refugees fleeing persecution from Islamists in Iraq and Syria………..

……….. Yet, at the same time this is happening, radical Islamist leaders are being told they can have visas – even though they represent organisations or movements that incite violence and persecution against Christians.

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Save Europe from Terrorism – Go to Church

Takfiri scum in London

You can’t fight something with nothing

Why is Europe unable to defend its people against terrorism?

This question is becoming increasingly urgent to growing numbers of Europeans, especially after the terrorist attack in Brussels. Despite massive surveillance and armed guards, terrorists succeeded in striking yet again. The reaction from media and authorities followed the same old template as the display of stunned impotence applied to the Paris attacks. Politicians and experts condemn, explain and analyse – without a shred of sensible response – the fact that radical groups in the West are growing. Voices – like Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and NSA – clamour for even more surveillance and powers for intelligence agencies, while politicians call for initiatives to take pedagogical measures to soften radicalism. This crescendo will grow to a withering cacophony until the next attack springs its deadly surprise, with mayhem and new floods of inane infotainment news.

This predictable pattern leaves many Europeans with the distinct impression that politicians and police are incapable of protecting their populations against terrorism.
Why do public authorities fall so pathetically short?

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St George vs Daesh

Russians Concerned for Future of Europe

Patriarch Kirill

“Whether the world has war or peace depends on the practice of this devotion (the First Saturdays), along with the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is why I desire its propagation so ardently, especially because this is also the will of our dear Mother in Heaven”.
      –      Sister Lucia, 19th March 1939.


Moscow, April 28, Interfax – Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia is concerned about the future of EuropePravmir

“If the moral and value foundations of European life are revised, what does it mean to the European civilization? And at the same time, the flow of refugees, who have a foreign religion and culture. It’s a colossal challenge. And we don’t know how this challenge will be taken,” the patriarch said, in an interview with NTV television, a complete version of which will air on Sunday, for Easter.

Speaking about the development of the modern civilization, he said that “the world is going straight to hell.” “I don’t know how it will be taken now, but as a priest, I have to say honestly what I think. Because, if you destroy the moral foundation of a person, destroy his internal life, reformat, the person stops being a person,” the patriarch said.

The patriarch also spoke about the revival of faith in Russia, saying that it cannot be explained just by the efforts taken by priests.

“Here, we have a surprising combination of factors, historical, philosophical and political. And religious, of course. We have a new flock and, by God’s mercy, I believe that the face of the Russian Orthodox Church is being renewed,” he said.

A Blessed Easter to all the Brothers of the East!

Holy Fire Jerusalem Orthodox Easter Saturday

Destruction is the Destiny of Apostate Nations

The Church’s pre-eminent theologian St. Thomas Aquinas teaches in the Summa Theologica  that relations with foreigners can be either peaceful or hostile according to the Moral Law. If certain nations had a close relationship then citizenship could be obtained after the third generation of living peacefully in a compatible nation; whereas others with whom their relations were hostile were never to be admitted to citizenship.

The Angelic Doctor further teaches in De Regno, quoting Aristotle’s Politics, that in general an influx of foreigners is particularly harmful to civil life and civic customs.

Six out of Ten ‘Syrian Refugees’ are neither Syrian nor Refugees


A majority of ‘refugees’ flooding into Europe are not refugees but are using asylum-seeker status as a cover, according to top EU official Frans Timmerman, vice-president of the European Commission, citing what he said were new, unpublished figures from the EU border agency Frontex.

Speaking on Tuesday 26th January, 2016, with Dutch national broadcaster NOS, he added that these false refugees are mostly aspiring settlers from Morocco and Tunisia and are infiltrating Europe through porous Turkish borders.