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Why is the media ignoring this story?

How vile is this? Yet who should be surprised at the lack of reaction against it in an ever-deeply more degenerate post-Christian world?

From the independent Irish online media outlet Gript:

“Why is the Media ignoring this shocking story? An officer with a UK childrens’ charity filmed himself masturbating in rubber fetish gear while in work AND posted it online.”


Two Worlds at War

One side is international. It is led by the Devil. It has nuclear weapons, policemen, prisons, and the mass media. It dedicates this month of June to promoting and celebrating Sodomy.

The other side is universal. It is led by God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Creator and Sustainer of this world. It has fire and brimstone, a heavenly army of angels and saints, and a temporal spirit of prayer, sacrifice and self-defence. It dedicates this month of June to promoting and honouring the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Choose your side. There is no middle-ground.


Football fans don’t want promotion ……. (of LGBT+)

Thousands of football fans of the Polish club Legia Warsaw recently took the opportunity to publicly display their rejection of sodomite propaganda by the Warsaw mayor. Other banners showed support for Polish windsurfing champion Zofia Klepacka who strongly criticised the Mayor of Warsaw for his promotion of sodomy.

Broken Clocks, Twice a Day

body image ad piss take

London’s new Mayor is fulfilling his election pledge to ban adverts on public transport that promote “”unhealthy or unrealistic” body images.

His reasoning, sound reasoning, is that these images encourage feelings of low self-esteem in many girls and women and are one of the causes of eating disorders.

It also has to be said – not part of Sadiq Khan’s stated reasons for the policy – that most of these images seriously offend against standards of Christian modesty in dress, comportment and attitude.

Applause where it’s due to Sadiq Khan. Unfortunately it’s just a tiny drop in the ocean of immodest and immoral images that saturate modern towns and modern life; images that tempt, mire and desensitise souls to sin and lead to perdition. But good riddance to them anyway!

Our Lady of Fatima meme