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No worse than the flu

World Health Organisation bosses inadvertently admitted recently that the death rate for the new coronavirus is no worse than that of seasonal flu.

During a special session of the WHO’s 34-member executive board on 5th October, Dr. Michael Ryan, the WHO’s Head of Emergencies, admitted that: “Our current best estimates tell us that about ten percent of the global population may have been infected by this virus.”

As independent scientists and lockdown sceptics point out, that means that the Infection Fatality Rate is about 0.14%. The same as the seasonal flu.

We’re cured! Flu has been eradicated!

According to official WHO data influenza in the UK has been almost completely wiped-out during the past year. It’s gone. Disappeared. Flu lives no more! Magic!

Has a magic cure for the flu worked in your country too? Have a look for yourselves – https://apps.who.int/flumart/Default?ReportNo=1