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Bread for the People – some true Catholic Action, in action

At a time when more than seven-and-a-half million people and more than  two-and-a-half million families live below the official poverty line Catholics in Italy organise sympathetic farmers and bakers to produce bread for the people. This video, from several years ago when their action first started, shows them distributing bread to needy shoppers at one-third of the price of the supermarket chains.

More than a Million at Roman Family Day


Roberto Fiore – Catholic politician, former Member of the European Parliament, and a founding trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust – believes that the message of more than a million Italians gathered at the Circo Massimo in Rome for ‘Family Day’ is unequivocal:

“Italians will not accept ‘so-called civil unions”.

“The presence of a range of politicians – centre-right, centre-left, as well as supporters of ‘cattolicesimo adulto’ – who until now have all been in favour of ‘civil unions’, shows they have apparently undergone a Damascene conversion to a political position that was our preserve.

“Who would have bet just a few months ago that more than a million people in Italy would gather forcefully in defence of the family? But also, who would have bet that the Swedes would start to wake up and begin to remove in one fell swoop 80,000 illegal immigrants? Are we witnessing the sunset of the nihilistic Liberal utopia?”