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President Putin defends Catholicism against Liberalism

In his recent interview with the Financial Times, President Vladimir Putin condemned the attack of Liberalism on the Catholic Church and the attempt to replace Christianity with Liberal ‘values’.

“Sometimes, I have the feeling that these liberal circles are beginning to use certain elements and problems of the Catholic Church as a tool to destroy the Church itself. This is what I consider wrong and dangerous.”

He went on to say that “traditional values are more stable and more important to millions of people than this liberal idea.”

How NOT to Stop Rape

Dear Ladies, don’t become a victim of the incredibly stupid ‘safety advice’ being proposed by Western Liberals of whatever stripe.

It’s a little-known fact of history that Mrs. St. George used to carry around with her a long pointed quill (we call them pens & pencils nowadays). Come those rare occasions (common when there is civil strife or invading armies) where rape, robbery and other molestation was in the air she would ferociously poke that pencil with mighty force into those soft parts of her attacker’s face and neck. It worked wonders on putting manners on the would-be rapists and robbers.

Just an historical anecdote, mind you. Don’t try it at home!