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In Memoriam

Twenty years ago, Massimo Morsello, friend and benefactor of The Saint George Educational Trust, went to his eternal judgement fortified by the Sacraments of Holy Church, aged just 42, after a courageous battle with cancer. For nearly two decades Massimo had been exiled in England after escaping an attempted frame-up by the infamous P2 Masonic Lodge, that largely controlled the Italian State. His close friend and business partner Roberto Fiore, one of the original founding trustees of SGET, wrote of Massimo that in the last few years of his life “he took the decisive step of his life, returning with faith and humility to the Catholic Faith. It was a faith lived with consistency, and with great rigour, and also with great humility and humanity. Massimo, until the very last remained faithful to the Tridentine Mass and unadulterated Catholicism, Roman and eternal.”

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace.

Rest in peace, Max.

Urgent Action Needed

Be Here For Me write:

“Richmond Council, following Ealing’s lead, have introduced a draconian censorship zone designed to remove any pro-life presence from the streets around the abortion centre at Rosslyn road. Just like Ealing, it criminalises:

* Conversations about abortion or alternative options
* Counselling
* Prayer
* Offering leaflets that list the practical help that women can access

Justyna, a volunteer counsellor who has helped hundreds of women over a decade of work, has decided to challenge the council in court.

It is absolutely vital that we support Justyna’s opposition to this censorship zone, just as we have in Ealing. Fewer councils will be willing to use PSPOs if they know it will result in a robust legal challenge.”

Help Justyna, here…….

Requiescat in pace

“Isaiah Haastrup after six hours of combat was born to eternal life. The City of Heaven has a new citizen, we a new intercessor at the Blessed Trinity. To God the revenge of his innocent blood.

‘… child without malice, you began to be among innocent souls. Oh how safe for you this life, as joyfully welcomed you Mother Church upon return from this world! The moan of the heart, dry the tears of the eyes’ “.

(Inscriptiones christianae urbis Romae, I, 1698)

Radio Spada

Betrayed by British Politicians Again

After being betrayed by the British to be butchered by invading Nazi barbarians in 1939.

And after being betrayed by the British again at the Yalta Conference in 1945 and left at the mercy of Soviet Communist barbarity.

All the while imprisoned and suffering in Nazi concentration camps and Soviet gulags because of British perfidy, whilst Polish airmen valiantly and decisively gave their lives successfully defending Britain’s shores in the Battle of Britain, it seems almost impossible to imagine that the British political class could yet again betray the memory of the brave Poles who fought against Nazi and Communism barbarity.

But that is exactly what has happened with a small Polish commemoration that has taken place over the past few years in Rusilip, West London, where the Polish War Memorial is located.


Pro-Life Fundraising Ball – London, 12th November


The Good Counsel Network write:

“After an incredibly successful return last year we are delighted to announce the date for the biggest Catholic, Pro-life Ball in the U.K.

It will be a wonderful evening for all who attend, and will include a 5 star 3 course meal, a live 5-piece band, a silent auction with some amazing prizes and great company.

Tickets this year are £95 per person, but we are also offering a 50% discount for all table hosts. Each table seats 10 people so all you need to do is find 9 friends to come along with you.

Please add this date to your diary, and book your tickets as soon as possible.

DATE: Saturday 12th November

VENUE: Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London, W8 4PT. Nearest Trains Stations are High Street Kensington, Gloucester Road and Queensway. There is also a private car park located beneath the venue where you can pay to park.

TICKET PRICE: £95, with a 50% discount for table hosts.

TIME: Arrive between 6 and 6.30pm, Dinner will start promptly at 7pm, End: Music will end around 12pm, although the bar will remain open after this.

DRESS CODE: Ladies, Evening Dress; Gentlemen, Black Tie.

FOOD: If you have any allergies it is your responsibility to inform us at the time of booking your ticket!

THIS IS AN EVENING NOT TO BE MISSED! To reserve a ticket please call our event manager on 07886 000882 or email us on GCNBALL@GMAIL.COM.

We hope very much to see you there”.