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For Life without Compromise

” We ask politicians and civil society to protect life, without compromise, and to put it back at the centre of the public debate ,” says Virginia Coda Nunziante, president of the organising committee of the Italian Marcia per la Vita.

Tens of thousands are expected in Rome, today, for its 9th annual March for Life.

“There are already so many participants, as is the case every year, that it is difficult to make a precise and complete list [of supporting organisations], which would be too long. Most secular associations in defence of  life will participate in the march in an official way. Plus we have many important bishops associating with us who will carry a fundamental and precise message on the protection of life. There will also be important politicians who will march with us, but the latter will be in the streets and not on the stage because the primary objective of the March is to send a message to politics, not vice versa.”


Have you read ‘The Attack on the Family and the European Response’ yet?

It’s available from The Saint George Educational Trust

More than a whiff of anti-Catholicism

“……. they made things up about them, and there was more than a whiff of anti-Catholicism in the hatred they heaped on these kids.”

An honest atheist, and (former?) Marxist writes:

“We now know that what was said about the boys wasn’t even true. A longer video has emerged showing what really happened at the Lincoln Memorial. It was the boys who were subjected to bigoted abuse, not Nathan Phillips. One of the Native American activists says to the boys: ‘White people, go back to Europe.’ They hurl the F-word at the boys. For more than an hour the boys, who were waiting for their school bus, were subjected to obscenities by a small group of Black Hebrew Israelites, a black nationalist religious outfit. The boys were called crackers, faggots, paedophiles, the products of incest. They are told, ‘Your president is a homosexual’. The boys do not shout any insults back. Nathan Phillips enters the picture after the boys had suffered an hour of racialised and homophobic abuse and he starts banging his drum in the boys’ faces. Here is the worst thing about the Twittermob’s globalised naming and shaming of these boys: they were humiliating the victims of the strange events at the Lincoln Memorial.”

Pro-Life Fundraising Concert – 8th September

A Quality Care Commission investigation begun in February 2017 found there was nearly 400 botched abortions conducted at Marie Stopes clinics in just two months!

A previous inspection report published in December 2016 recorded more than two-and-a-half-thousand serious incidents recorded during 2015.

Induced abortion is deadly for babies, dangerous and potentially deadly for women!

That is just one of the reasons why it is so important to stand up and support the Pro-Life cause!

Here’s a great way to give support and to enjoy a great night out at the same time.

“Let March for Life UK entertain you!

A fantastic evening of music, testimony and a good craic!

Martin Aelred ‘The man with the beautiful voice’ is an internationally acclaimed tenor who has performed for HRH Prince Charles, the Pope and the Dalai Lama amongst many others. He will be performing songs by Andrea Bocelli on the night which will be something not to be missed!

There will be a personal testimony on how one family’s road to adoption has turned despair and grief into hope and grace.

The evening will be hosted by March for Life and all donations on the night will go towards funding their year long mission.

This will be a great night not to be missed!”

And it’s free entry!

Get Your Tickets Whilst you Still Can


March for Life Presents Martin Aelred:

March for Life UK is proud to present Martin Aelred, ‘The man with the beautiful voice’, for his first time performing a pro-life fundraising concert on Sat 3rd Dec.

Following a meteoric rise to fame after leaving the building trade, classical singer and guitarist Martin Aelred has performed for HRH Prince Charles, The United Nations and the Pope. Described by the Dalai Lama as ‘The man with the beautiful voice’ and his ‘Favourite tenor’, Martin has now courageously agreed to publicly witness to his pro-life beliefs and put on a pro-life fundraising concert for March for Life UK.

Tickets are £10 and can be purchased by emailinginfo@marchforlife.co.uk or phone Isabel on 07773501721 or Ben on 07885505116. Places are limited so book today.

Location: St Anne’s Centre, Alcester Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B12 0PH

Time: Doors open at 7pm, concert followed by social/drinks till late.

Join us for an inspiring and fun evening out – all to raise money for a great cause!

Life from Conception No Exception!

March for Life Brum 2016 No Exception

“Sat 14th May saw thousands of pro-lifers taking to the streets of Birmingham in an effort to create awareness of the hurt and damage that abortion causes.

This year’s March for Life UK was a huge success according to attendees as pro-life groups from across the UK united in solidarity.”  Read more at March for Life

March for Life Brum 14th May 2016

“The star of the day was Sophie who had many of the crowd in tears. She recounted how last year she had an abortion booked having been put under great pressure to feel that was her only option. As she had walked through the city she encountered last year’s March for Life and was struck by their joy which contrasted with the aggression of the pro-abortion activists. This helped her decide which side she wanted to be on. At this point in her story Sophie told the crowd ‘when I got home I cancelled my abortion. How many of you were here last year? I want to say thank you. You helped save the life of my son Riley’ and she held up her little baby boy.”

March for Life Birmingham 14th May 2016

“Abortion stats for 2015 show that abortion rates are up by 0.7% which means we must work even harder to make our voices heard. Our public witness through March for Life next year must be even bigger so spread the word, tell all your family, friends and parishes and encourage them to get involved. Don’t forget that 98% of abortions were funded by the NHS which means that it is your taxes that are paying for them. See the full report below.”


March for Life logo

‘The People of Life’ have a candidate for Roman Mayor

Alfredo Iorio Roma March for Life 8th May 2016

More than thirty-thousand people, many of them Romans, made their presence felt at the March of Life in Rome on 8th May. On the Facebook of Il Popolo della Vita – ‘The People of Life’ we learn that only one candidate for Roman Mayor in the forthcoming elections of 5th June supported the March of Life.

“The mayoral candidate for the city of Rome Alfredo Iorio on the March of Life 2016, to always be here for the defence of Catholic Tradition and non-negotiable values….. too bad all the other candidates for mayor of the capitol; you were absent at the rally”!

March for Life Roma 8th May 2016 Alfredo Iorio and Franciscans

March for Life Roma 8th May 2016

People of Life Roman Mayoral election 2016