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Make Syria Peaceful Again

“My name is Majid Kadiseh, I’m 22 years old. I defended Syria against terrorism until my martyrdom today in the Syrian Christian town of Maharda.

My killer is a barbaric terrorist funded, supported and covered by Turkey’s Erdogan and many western governments.”


(Picture and text via Syriana Analysis)

“Take Up the Cross and Follow Me”

“It happened, by an amazing chance, that a fellow-prisoner was a priest, to whom José Antonio was allowed access that he might be shriven. At dawn on the 20th of November, he bade farewell to his brother and was taken out into a courtyard to be shot. Prophetically anticipating the future plenitude of the movement he created, he stood to face the rifles with two Falangists on one side and two Requetés on the other. He gave a lusty cry of “Arriba España” and kissed the crucifix in humility. A moment later his body was dead.

That body now lies in a tomb before the High Altar of the Basilica of the Escorial, to which it was conveyed by thousands of Spaniards who carried the coffin on foot from Alicante.”