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A Nun’s Witness

The allegedly ‘moderate’ Free Syrian Army (FSA), funded, trained and armed by the Western Powers, is now re-branded as the Syrian National Army (SNA) and works as the spearhead of Turkey’s invasion force in northern Syria.

With the U.S.A. (and the U.K. and France) apparently no longer interested in pursuing a lost cause and withdrawing from the quagmire it created, those who once lauded the ‘moderate’ murderers when it was in Western government interests to do so now describe the ‘moderate’ opposition they created, funded, armed and trained as “crazy and not reliable.”

And as for the Kurds ……..

Sister Guadalupe Rodrigo, an Argentinian nun who was stationed in Syria for several years from when war broke out reminds us that “the moderate opposition does not exist in Syria ……. There is no moderate opposition. Unless we want to call ‘moderate’ those who dismember Christians. If that is moderate, then yes, there is moderate opposition.”

“Moderate Islamist rebellion ……. does not exist”

Mr Nasty and Mr. Moderate

Moderate Islamist rebellion is imaginary says the Chaldean Bishop of Aleppo.

Constantly harped on about by the morally bankrupt Western Political Class and by the Presstitutes of the Mass Media, Bishop Audo of Aleppo says it is “An entity which in actual fact does not exist”.

“They remain the same, members of the same jihadist Sunni extremism……. that imaginary ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ which certain powers appear to need to continue to pursue their own plans for Syria”.

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Moderate Murderers