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Assaulted Mum asks: “Who made you the boss of Carrickmore?”

Catherine Sewell

A young mother has lodged a complaint with the Police Service of Northern Ireland after she was assaulted by a Sinn Fein official at an Easter Rising commemoration in Co Tyrone.

“Catherine Sewell is claiming that a party official pushed her and ordered her to leave the village of Carrickmore as she handed out anti-abortion leaflets on Easter Sunday.

She has reported the alleged incident to the PSNI who are investigating it.

Ms Sewell, a 33-year-old mother of three, said: ‘I give out these leaflets wherever I know there will be a big gathering – at football games, Mass, St Patrick’s Day festivities,’ she said.

‘Occasionally, someone might be a bit argumentative and that’s fine. But no one has ever assaulted me.’

She is a member of the St Joseph’s pro-life group in Dungannon.

The organisation has been very active in pursuing Sinn Fein since it changed its policy to support abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormality.

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Pat Conroy and Catherine Sewell

“Spokeswoman Catherine Sewell [……] accused both nationalist parties of ‘arrogance and cowardice’ for ignoring Catholic teaching on abortion and warned them ‘not to take the Catholic vote for granted’.

She said SDLP candidates will also be singled out for attention during next year’s election over the party’s stance on gay marriage, with voters targeted with leaflets and visits to homes.

‘This is a direct assault against Catholic teaching on the matter, which has left devout Catholic voters furious and embarrassed at the antics of political parties who rely on the Catholic vote to get themselves elected.’

She added: ‘When these people are standing before the gates of hell the party whip won’t be of much use to them then.’ ”

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