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If there is hope…………

If there is hope it lies in the Poles (with apologies to George Orwell and Winston Smith)


75,000 Pro-Life Poles with Banners!

Having some colourful banners on display is always a good way of attracting attention and promoting a message. But to make sure everyone sees the message you need some poles.

Here’s a great video of some pro-life and anti-abortion banners supported by more than seventy-five thousand Poles in Warsaw on Friday 11th November.

Before the enormous march in Warsaw to mark Polish Independence Day some invited delegates including a founding trustee of the The Saint George Educational Trust were shown around the Polish Parliament by the organisers including a member of the parliament, Robert Winnicki .


A Christian Response to Europe’s Crisis

ONR Commemoration Bialystok Cathedral 16th April 2016

ONR Commemoration Bialystok Cathedral 16th April 2016

These are troubling times. Europe is apparently on the verge of meltdown. Unable to withstand the heat caused by the growing friction between the European Union and its member states, especially as the former tries to force an open-door immigration policy on its member nations, there are fears that the melting pot might be melting. Such fears have been exacerbated by the rise of the new right, or what many would call the far right, in Europe.

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Poland to Ban Abortion?

Poland against abortion

Pro-Life activists in Poland are busy collecting 100,000 signatures to enable them to petition parliament to vote on banning abortion.

Draft legislation is likely to be submitted to the Polish Parliament soon calling for the complete outlawing of abortion.

This comes on the back of an Open Letter issued by the Polish Episcopate to the country’s lawmakers wherein the bishops appealed to parliamentarians to back the new initiative, noting that this year sees the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland.

The life of every person is protected by the fifth of the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not kill.

Therefore, the position of Catholics in this regard is clear and unchanging.”

According to Radio Poland the “Prime Minister Beata Szydło has stated that she is in favour of a complete ban on abortion, following an appeal by Church leaders”.

Poles on Pilgrimage!