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Rome will not know Easter without Christ

In Rome today, a former trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust is leading Romans to St. Peter’s Square to demand the public freedom of the faithful to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and to receive the Sacraments of the Church.

Christus vincit!  Christus regnat!  Christus imperat!

A Fatima Sanctuary for St. Petersburg

A Byzantine Rite sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima is due to be built in St. Petersburg, according to the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX).

Father Alejandro Burgos, a Spanish priest exercising his apostolate in St. Petersburg is quoted as saying that “the Orthodox confessions are not opposed to this project. Many Russians have great devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, who interceded for the conversion of Russia during the communist persecution.”

Some years ago a founding trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust, due to his role in the European Parliament, was invited to speak as a guest to Deputies of the Russian State Duma. He was able to briefly explain something about the appearances of the Mother of God at Fatima in 1917 and of the eventual resurgence and reuniting of Christendom with Russia being Heaven’s chosen instrument.

Maronite Patriarch renews call for International Community to help displaced Syrians return home

The Syria Times reports that “Maronite Patriarch Mor Bechara Boutros al-Rahi has renewed his call on the international community to help the displaced Syrians return to their homeland.”

Patriarch al-Rahi stated that certain governments are purposely preventing the return of Syrian refugees due to geo-political machinations “which have nothing to do with human values.”

Patriarch al-Rahi previously affirmed back in April that “some international parties don’t want displaced Syrians to return home” because it “serves their political interests.”

This horrific fact was also affirmed by the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, and other government ministers to one of The Saint George Educational Trust’s founding trustees during a recent visit to The Lebanon.

Catholic Politicians Speak – Roberto Fiore

“The threat of World War as a result of the confrontation in Syria is greater even than during the Cuban Missile Crisis. And the blame for this rests squarely with the Washington ‘Deep State’ and their Zionist allies, on account of their refusal to accept the fact that the Syrian and Russian governments and their allies have defeated ISIS and the attempt to use radical Islamism as a weapon of imperialist foreign policy.”

Quo Vadis Europe?

A conference speech given two years ago in Wroclaw, Poland, by a founding trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust.

Please read and distribute to family, friends and colleagues ‘The Attack on the Family and the European Response’, written by ProVita onlus in Italy, and available from The Saint George Educational Trust for £16.00 including p&p within the U.K. Please make cheques/postal orders payable in pounds sterling to ‘The Saint George Educational Trust’, and send to: SGET, 225 Andover House, George Yard, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1PB.

Roots of the Modern Attack on the Family

Edited by ProVita onlus and with an introduction by a founding Trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust, The Attack on the Family and the European Response is key to understanding why the natural family is under such deadly attack, where the attack is coming from, and it points the way to what can be done to defend and protect Christian values and the family as the natural bedrock of society.

75,000 Pro-Life Poles with Banners!

Having some colourful banners on display is always a good way of attracting attention and promoting a message. But to make sure everyone sees the message you need some poles.

Here’s a great video of some pro-life and anti-abortion banners supported by more than seventy-five thousand Poles in Warsaw on Friday 11th November.

Before the enormous march in Warsaw to mark Polish Independence Day some invited delegates including a founding trustee of the The Saint George Educational Trust were shown around the Polish Parliament by the organisers including a member of the parliament, Robert Winnicki .


Catholics in Action


Solidarieta Nazionale earthquake

Catholics in Italy have been mobilising the patriotic social forces of the country under the organisation of the charitable association Solidarietà Nazionale in a nationwide action to help relieve the suffering and misery caused by the recent earthquake in central Italy.

Tons of foodstuffs, water, new clothing, toiletries, blankets, toys, over-the-counter medicines and such-like have already been amassed at designated collection points throughout Italy and is now in the process of being delivered to where it’s needed.

Solidarieta Nazionale earthquake1

Solidarieta Nazionale earhquake2

Solidarieta Nazionale earthquake3

Solidarieta Nazionale earthquake4

Solidarieta Nazionale earthquake5


A Christian Plea for Syria

Press Conference EuroParl Syria 28-6-16

A number of Christian Euro MP’s held a Press Conference in the European Parliament on 28th June, 2016, in conjunction with colleagues from Syria, to give report of their latest humanitarian fact-finding visits to the beleaguered country.

The Press Conference was chaired by Roberto Fiore, a former Italian member of the European Parliament and a Founding Trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust.

Sadly the Christian Euro MP’s are still able to repeat the plea of the Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch, Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, issued a year ago:

“Stop arming and supporting terrorist groups that are destroying our countries and massacring our people”.

“State institutions need to be strengthened and stabilised. Instead, what we see is their forced dismemberment being fuelled from the outside”.

“President Assad urged us to do everything in our hands to prevent Christians from leaving Syria. ‘I know you are suffering,’ he said, ‘but please don’t leave this land, which has been your home for thousands of years, even before Islam came.’ He said that Christians will also be needed when the time comes to rebuild this devastated country”.

“We recognise legitimate rulers and pray for them, as the New Testament teaches us. We also see that on the other side there is no democratic opposition, only extremist groups. Above all, we see that in the past few years, these groups have been basing their actions on an ideology that comes from the outside, brought here by preachers of hatred who have come from and are backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt. These groups receive arms through Turkey too, as the media have shown us”.

Press Conference EuroParl Syria 28-6-16 Hassan Sakr

Our Lady Lovingly Honoured by The Flower of the East

Syria - Maaloula

In 2013 the famous statue of Our Lady that majestically watches over Ma’loula – the ancient city where Aramaic, the native language spoken by Christ, is still spoken – was destroyed by Daesh.

A new statue was commissioned and paid for personally by Asma Al-Assad, wife of the Syrian President, who is popularly known as The Jasmine (the flower) of the East.

Disabled child


A new statue was delivered and put back in its rightful place above Ma’loula in 2015.

Syria Ma'loula new statue Our Lady delivered by SAA 2015


A Founding Trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust, Roberto Fiore, recently visited Syria and relates that:

“Our visit to Ma’loula was the most moving part of the entire trip. There we were given first-hand accounts of Daesh in action.

We heard about the martyrdom of people who simply refused to renounce the Christian Faith, we learnt of the kidnapping of nuns, we saw the destruction of the altars and of churches built 1700 years ago.

We saw history in motion, with new legends in the process of being made. Finally we heard how the army liberated Ma’loula, though not without the great sacrifice of two hundred Syrian soldiers.

The people of Ma’loula are proud that President Assad visited them just three days after the town’s liberation, giving comfort and money to rebuild the town and its historic monastery, while his wife gave money to restore the statue of Our Lady which dominates this ancient Christian settlement.“

Syria Ma'loula new statue Our Lady delivered by SAA June 2015


How Can I Help the Suffering Brethren in Syria?

have faith

Catholic Euro MP’s held a conference in the European Parliament on 2nd May, 2016, providing “information about the background and current development of the conflict in Syria.”

Amongst the speakers was one of The Saint George Educational Trust founding-trustees, Roberto Fiore, the Syrian Ambassador to Brussels, Ayman Rad, and Fr. Daniel Maes, O.Praem, representing the Monastery of Mar Yakub in Syria.

To send practical aid to the suffering brethren in Syria, whether in goods or in donation money, please visit this link: Monastery of Mar Yakub – Send Money or Goods

Udo Euro Parl Conf Syria Tolerance or Terrorism

Bon and Syrian Ambassafor to Brussels Ayman Rad Euro Parl Conference

Don’t Worry, this was Merely a Moderate Massacre

Syria Aleppo 25th April 2016 victims of NATO's Moderate opposition

Dozens of women, children and old people were indiscriminately massacred on Monday 25th April, the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, when mainly Armenian Christian civilian areas of Aleppo were targetted by terrorist bombardments. But not to worry, there is nothing to be concerned about because it wasn’t the Takfiri monsters of Daesh responsible for the slaughter. It was the Western-backed ‘Moderate Opposition’ just testing out new supplies of munitions received from Turkey and Saudi Arabia with the backing of the good ol’ USA. A few days earlier, on 22nd April, a threat was made public by NATO-backed moderate groups – “We will show the Armenians and the Christians who we are … We have been ordered not to leave any Armenians in the area.” This was merely a moderate massacre – so that’s alright then… nothing to be concerned about!

Read more at Barnabas Fund.

Syria Bob Udo and friends visiting Ma'loula

Whilst this atrocity was being carried out a delegation of Christian politicians from the European Parliament was in the middle of a several day long trip visiting hospitals, schools and orphanages in war-torn Syria, and meeting with representatives of the Syrian government and religious leaders.

Syria Bob Udo and friends with Speaker of the People's Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham

The delegation, led by Roberto Fiore, a former Euro MP and a founding Trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust also took part in a 45 minute television interview broadcast on Syrian TV.

Syria Bob Udo visit Orphange school

As well as bringing to the peoples of Europe a clear picture of what is really happening in suffering Syria, and why,  they hope to help facilitate a great Christian and humanitarian effort to help rebuild this battered nation and provide material relief and true friendship to the courageous and honourable people who constitute it.

Syria Bob Udo and friends with Grand Mufti of Syria Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun

Some news reports:

The Syria Times

Syrian Arab News Agency

Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch

Syria Bob and Udo TV interviews

Syria Bob Udo and friends with Syrian Orthodox Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II


More than a Million at Roman Family Day


Roberto Fiore – Catholic politician, former Member of the European Parliament, and a founding trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust – believes that the message of more than a million Italians gathered at the Circo Massimo in Rome for ‘Family Day’ is unequivocal:

“Italians will not accept ‘so-called civil unions”.

“The presence of a range of politicians – centre-right, centre-left, as well as supporters of ‘cattolicesimo adulto’ – who until now have all been in favour of ‘civil unions’, shows they have apparently undergone a Damascene conversion to a political position that was our preserve.

“Who would have bet just a few months ago that more than a million people in Italy would gather forcefully in defence of the family? But also, who would have bet that the Swedes would start to wake up and begin to remove in one fell swoop 80,000 illegal immigrants? Are we witnessing the sunset of the nihilistic Liberal utopia?”


Réquiem ætérnam dona eis Dómine

During November, the month of the Holy Souls, please remember in your Mass intentions, prayers and devotions, dead lists for the Altar, and graveyard visits, the souls of four early friends and benefactors of The Saint George Educational Trust.

The Reverend Father Michael Crowdy  

Fr. Michael Crowdy, ordained in 1954 and juridically a member of the BFr Crowdyrompton Oratory, became a friend, confidant and collaborator of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in the 1970’s. Always remaining independent of the Society of Saint Pius X, Fr. Crowdy worked closely with it up until his death. Fr. Crowdy was called to his eternal reward at exactly 3pm on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 2006.

In 1994 Fr. Crowdy registered, along with other founding trustees, The Saint George Educational Trust, as a charity in England and Wales.

Rosine de Bounevialle  

Rosine de Bounvialle

Rosine de Bounevialle, a cradle Catholic, spent much of her life campaigning and protesting against the ever-increasing erosion of National Sovereignty and Social Justice. For many years an active member of The League of Empire Loyalists under A. K. Chesterton, by the 1970’s Rosine had more or less retired to her country home where she dedicated herself to continuing Chesterton’s legacy and spirit by writing and publishing up until her death on the Feast of the Nativity of Christ, 1999.

Massimo Morsello  

Massimo Morsello

Massimo Morsello, exiled in England after escaping an attempted frame-up by the infamous P2 Masonic Lodge, died back in his Roman homeland on the Feast of The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, 2001. Roberto Fiore, his close friend, business partner and a founding trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust, wrote of him that in his last few years he “took the decisive step of his life, returning with faith and humility to the Catholic Faith. Faith lived with consistency, rigour, but also with great humility and humanity. Massimo, until the very last, remained faithful to the Tridentine Mass and unadulterated Catholicism, Roman and eternal”.

Wallace Wears  

Wallace Wears

Wallace Wears, a political campaigner with the National Front, became a regular attendee of conferences organised by The Saint George Educational Trust, converted to the Faith and was received into the Church, by Fr. Michael Crowdy, shortly before his death in 1997. Just a few weeks before his death Wallace, a pensioner, travelled alone from his home in Wallsend, Northumberland, to Fatima on a pilgrimage organised by The Society of Saint Pius X to commemorate Fatima’s 80th anniversary. Heaven determined to release Wallace from this Vale of Tears that October, the month of the Holy Rosary and month of Fatima’s Miracle of the Sun.