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Rome will not know Easter without Christ

In Rome today, a former trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust is leading Romans to St. Peter’s Square to demand the public freedom of the faithful to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and to receive the Sacraments of the Church.

Christus vincit!  Christus regnat!  Christus imperat!

For Life without Compromise

” We ask politicians and civil society to protect life, without compromise, and to put it back at the centre of the public debate ,” says Virginia Coda Nunziante, president of the organising committee of the Italian Marcia per la Vita.

Tens of thousands are expected in Rome, today, for its 9th annual March for Life.

“There are already so many participants, as is the case every year, that it is difficult to make a precise and complete list [of supporting organisations], which would be too long. Most secular associations in defence of  life will participate in the march in an official way. Plus we have many important bishops associating with us who will carry a fundamental and precise message on the protection of life. There will also be important politicians who will march with us, but the latter will be in the streets and not on the stage because the primary objective of the March is to send a message to politics, not vice versa.”


Have you read ‘The Attack on the Family and the European Response’ yet?

It’s available from The Saint George Educational Trust

‘The People of Life’ have a candidate for Roman Mayor

Alfredo Iorio Roma March for Life 8th May 2016

More than thirty-thousand people, many of them Romans, made their presence felt at the March of Life in Rome on 8th May. On the Facebook of Il Popolo della Vita – ‘The People of Life’ we learn that only one candidate for Roman Mayor in the forthcoming elections of 5th June supported the March of Life.

“The mayoral candidate for the city of Rome Alfredo Iorio on the March of Life 2016, to always be here for the defence of Catholic Tradition and non-negotiable values….. too bad all the other candidates for mayor of the capitol; you were absent at the rally”!

March for Life Roma 8th May 2016 Alfredo Iorio and Franciscans

March for Life Roma 8th May 2016

People of Life Roman Mayoral election 2016

The Scholasticum

Scholasticum promo poster

The Scholasticum is a Post-Graduate Institute for the study of Scholastic Theology and Philosophy, headquartered at Rome, dedicated to the promotion of the greater appreciation and understanding of Medieval Theology and Philosophy as it was taught at the University of Paris in the mid 13th century.  For that purpose, the Scholasticum focuses its attention on three fields of study, Medieval Philosophy, Medieval Biblical Studies and Scholastic Theology.

To this end, it offers graduate courses of Specialization in Medieval Studies, at Rome and via video-conferencing to students throughout the world of the following kinds:

a) Preparatory courses in Latin, Philosophy, History and Medieval Studies, aimed at orientating the students for the three principle cycles of study.
b) Baccalaureatus Philosophicus: 2 year Course on Medieval Philosophy focusing on the Scholastics and pre-Scholastic authorities and texts in Philosophy.
c) Baccalaureatus Biblicus:  2 year Course on Medieval Scriptural Studies, based on the Glossae and Commentaries of that age.
d) Baccalaureatus Sententiarius:  2 year course on the Four Books of Sentences of Master Peter,  taking as its text books, the Commentaria of Saints Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure of Bagnoregio on the same.
e) Magister Sacrae Doctrinae: 1-2 year specialization program for Doctoral students, seeking to fully grasp the Scholastic method of theological investigation.

In the study of which, the Institute has the following academic objectives:

a) To impart to the student an authentic historical understanding of the authors, language and methods used at the University of Paris, in the mid 13th century.
b) To educate students with profound and complete knowledge of Peter Lombard’s Four Book of Sentences, in Latin and in translation.
c) To give the student a profound and practical experience in the understanding, formulation, crafting and argumentation of the Scholastic Method, as employed by Sts. Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure of Bagnoregio.
d) To form students and instructors capable of Scholastic argumentation, analysis and research.

The faculty is comprised of full and part-time positions, with a frequency of visiting professorships, to provide a wide and broad exposure to the current research on the topics treated of in this general description of the Institute.

The Institute is organized in Italian law as a non-profit corporation (ONLUS). If you would like to financially support us, consider a donation to help defray our operational expenses, or one to help a needy seminarian, religious or priest.

The Path to Rome

Hilaire Belloc’s famous book The Path to Rome records both a physical and spiritual journey to the heart of Christendom for it gives expression and relates purpose to things far deeper than the physical experience of a mere travelogue.

Considered by Belloc as his greatest work it is a profound record of the walking pilgrimage that he undertook to the Eternal City in order to fulfill a vow he had made, and to travel through great chunks of Europe that the Christian Faith had saved, shaped and blessed.

The Path to Rome calls everyone in this world without exception. But when heading towards Rome one must set out with the right intentions or it will end very badly in this life or the next.

A Gift to Europe from the SAA