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Quick email needed

It will be very useful if people can email their MP, writing something similar to the text below. Please send any responses you get to saintgeorgeeducationaltrust@gmail.com
Dear (Name of MP),
I am one of your constituents. I live in (village, town or area of city).
I would like to know whether or not you are familiar with the scientific facts contained in this very interesting article linked below; facts that reveal that all the impositions we have so far put up with in our lives due to the new coronavirus, are based on a falsehood and confusion of scientific terminology?
Is the Prime Minister aware of these facts?
(Your Name)

Eminent Scientist Warns Against Gene-Editing of Human Embryos

Today, authorisation was given for these evil experiments to proceed. This destruction of innocent human life rivals any atrocity (whether true or false) that the pagans of Nazi Germany or the Materialists of the Soviet Union often stand accused of. But where is the outcry, the shock and the revulsion today?

Read SPUC’s warning from two-weeks ago, here.