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50 Years of Fighting the Pro-Life Battle

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The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children will be holding its next National Conference, in Derbyshire, over the last weekend of September.

The conference marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of the SPUC, which is marked by the letter to the Church Times, published on 30th September 1966, by Alan Smith and Elspeth Rhys-Williams (later Chowdharay-Best).

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Defending the Disabled

Disabled child

Words fail !

SPUC’s Youth & Education Officer, Rhoslyn Thomas, having to combat not just an aggressively hostile radio host but also a so-called champion of the disabled who wrote a book called ‘Scapegoat: Why We are Failing Disabled People‘!

“KATHARINE QUARMBY is a campaigning journalist and an award-winning film-maker. She has worked as a producer on BBC Panorama and Newsnight, edited Disability Now magazine, served as a correspondent for the Economist and written for most of the broadsheet newspapers. She was the first British journalist to investigate disability hate crime and her report for Scope, ‘Getting Away with Murder’, has revolutionised thinking about the issue.”