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Now you see it, now you don’t!

Simple biological fact is now deemed too offensive in Rome.

The massive seven by eleven metre billboard paid for by ProVita Onlus simply stated:

“You were like this at 11 weeks.”

“All your organs were present.”

“Your heart was already beating three weeks after conception.”

“You already sucked your thumb.”

“And now you are here because your mother did not have an abortion.”

Now the poster has gone. It lasted less than three days before the commercial advertising company that hosts the site was forced to remove it by the local authorities for being too offensive.

Truth and reality ‘offends’ modern materialist man!


Roots of the Modern Attack on the Family

Edited by ProVita onlus and with an introduction by a founding Trustee of The Saint George Educational Trust, The Attack on the Family and the European Response is key to understanding why the natural family is under such deadly attack, where the attack is coming from, and it points the way to what can be done to defend and protect Christian values and the family as the natural bedrock of society.