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2020 mortality rate quite normal despite COVID-19

The 2020 mortality rate for England and Wales has been published at long last and we can finally see how deadly this new coronavirus lurgy has been in relation to the normal range of deaths in the two countries. On average ten people out of every thousand died from all causes in England and Wales last year. But that’s entirely within the normal death rate range for England and Wales during the 21st century. During the 1960’s, 70’s, 80,s and 90’s, years through which most of us lived, or partially lived through, years we can remember well, the death rate was constantly higher but we didn’t close down businesses and make people wear face-nappies. We didn’t stop people from going to Mass and place everyone under literal house-arrest.

In 2019 the death rate was nine people out of every thousand. So if we take a medium-size English city to serve as a practical example that can be easily visualised it means that a city like Norwich, with an urban population of about a quarter-of-a-million people, saw maybe 250-300 more deaths from all causes last year than it did the year before that.

Not exactly what would be expected from a highly-deadly pandemic sweeping the world and decimating populations is it?

And yet that’s the false narrative the powers-that-be insist on feeding us with whilst they throw us on the dole and destroy our businesses, whilst they stop us travelling around, whilst they stop us socialising with family and friends, and prevent us from receiving the Christian Sacraments.

Time to put an end to the ‘Great Reset’.


On Saunders Lewis

Bardsey Island Wales

“Instead, Lewis’ nationalism looked back to the Wales of the Middle Ages before the State-based Nationalism of the Reformation. The conquest of Wales in 1282 had undermined the native aristocracy and then English State Imperialism had been further imposed by the Acts of Union and the religious changes of the Tudor period.

The loss of Catholicism meant the replacing of communal values with an alienating individualism which slowly corroded Welsh rural society. English law changed the social pattern of land ownership so that the values of perchentaeth (‘householdership’) were replaced by tenant farming. Morover, the land accumulation by the gentry (which for the nationalists was effectively a process of colonisation) led to the opening of Welsh land to Capitalist exploitation. Wales could only be saved by restoring her ancient gwareiddiad (‘civilisation’).

Lewis’ ideal of a European culture – Christendom – which was destroyed first by Protestantism then by Capitalism and Liberal Individualism is remarkably similar to that expressed in the writings of Christopher Dawson.”

–      Tom Villis, 2013.

Saunders Lewis with Lewis Valentine and DJ Williams

Christian Nationalism: What is it?


With all the talk of Nationalism, and talk of rising Nationalist sentiment in the Mass Media, particularly throughout social media, fundamental questions arise for Catholics, and especially for Catholics in the UK who continue to suffer the effects of an illegitimate and heretical Nationalism expressed during the Reformation:

‘What is Nationalism?’ and ‘Can Nationalism retain the Universal character of Christianity or is that a contradiction in terms?’.

To help answer these questions and others The Saint George Educational Trust intends to bring back into print in coming months an excellent essay by Saunders Lewis, entitled ‘The Principles of Nationalism’.

Saunders Lewis should be a household name for every Catholic in the British Isles, yet his name and advocacy of Catholic social doctrine are ignored and unknown to nearly all. He was the founder and first President of Plaid Cymru, and a staunch supporter and member of The Latin Mass Society in his later years.

Welsh Nationalism