What does SGET do?

How the Trust can be of service to youCapella di Santa Caterina da Siena Roma

Over the years The Saint George Educational Trust has engaged in numerous diverse projects to facilitate the growth and spread of the Catholic Faith.

This has included things such as the building and renovation of small oratories and chapels; the publishing of Catholic devotional, educational and apologetic materials; the sponsoring of young British and Irish Catholics to deepen the knowledge and practice of their faith by participating in a travelling rosary crusade throughout Eastern Europe, and the hosting of conferences.

As well as pursuing projects of its own the Trust is also very open to helping Catholic lay apostolates, parish organisations, and religious Mary gardencommunities, who do not benefit from the financial advantages made available to registered charities, to raise funds for the projects they wish to pursue.

By working with the Trust to restore all things in Christ we can help you raise one fifth extra revenue towards a proposed endeavour – providing that it falls within the aims and objectives of the Trust and the legal requirements of the Charity Commission.

For example:

  • A Catholic rosary or prayer group wishes to turn a spare room in a house or a large garden shed into a small oratory for the public use of the association. We can help.
  • An association of Catholics wants to construct and plant a Mary Garden to provide flowers for the Altar and the parish May Procession in honour of Our Lady. We can help.
  • A Catholic apostolate concerned with the spiritual and material good of souls organises soup kitchens for the poor and needy, or provides shelter for the homeless, or arranges hospital and prison visits. We can help.

How you can help the TrustCanterbury soup kitchen Dec 2012 1

  • Remember the Trust and its work in your prayers.
  • Consider becoming a friend of Saint George
  • Consider making occasional donations to the work of the Trust
  • Volunteer to help organiseĀ or attend future activities of the Trust
  • Purchase books and other materials produced by the Trust
  • Tell your friends and family about the work of the Trust
  • Consider a bequest in your Will in favour of the Trust.